1) Teams must arrive at the venue at least 10 minutes before your match starts.

2) Matches must start on time. This means all warming up, nail cutting, hair tying, bibs on etc. should be done prior to your starting time.

3) A minimum of 7 players must be on court for the match to be played

4) Players are only permitted to play for one team in their division on a regular basis.

4) Guest players

4a) A team is allowed no more than two guest players per match and all guest players should be agreed before the scheduled start time, with the opposing captain and the umpire.

4b) The umpire reserves the right to refuse or accept guest players if, in their opinion, the outcome of the match would be considerably altered.

4c) Guest players can only be used to make up the basic squad of seven. Teams may not use guest players as substitutes.

4d) If a team uses a guest player, that team is still liable to pay their full match fee.

4e) If a guest player is disciplined during the game then the team captain is responsible for any fine incurred.

Flexi-squad System

5) Thanks to our unique ‘flexi-squad system’ teams do not have to register players before a game and can use any amount of players during the season, as long as they do not conflict with any other team in the same division.

6) Injury time is not permitted due to venue time. An injured player must be immediately substituted. If there is no sub, the team is allowed to move around the players already on court. The opposing team cannot substitute but are allowed to move their players already on court. In the event of a serious injury in which the player cannot vacate the court, the umpires will submit a report to Netball-Leagues who will decide whether the remaining time will be played at a later date or not. Netball-Leagues decision is final.

Health & Safety

7) All participants understand that although these events are non-contact sports and contain risk to the person participating for which the organiser cannot be held responsible.

7a) All participants agree that we have no control over the safety of the premises we hire, or persons admitted to the venues we hire and it is the sole responsibility of the team captain to ensure their team's players do not start any game unless they are satisfied that the surface and other conditions are satisfactory and safe for the activity in question having due regard for the participants. We cannot be held responsible for any defects to the venue which may cause injury and all team captains understand this when participating.

7b) Team captains must inspect the court and playing conditions and must report any issues prior to their game commencing to the officials on duty otherwise it will be deemed that the team captain and their players have accepted any risks and any ensuing liability for any subsequent injury.

7c) The signing of the electronic registration form indemnifies Netball League from any responsibility for personal injury or lost property whilst participating in the organised leagues. Teams are responsible for arranging their own personal injury insurance cover at centres where this is not automatically applicable.

8) Substitutions can only be made at half time, or in the event of injury. 

9) Late players can only come on at half timel.

10) Player of the Match is nominated by each team for their opposition. The umpires will ask each team whom they are nominating at the end of the match.

11) The correct procedure for any queries for umpire is for the Captain to approach the umpires at half time or after the game, NOT during. Our leagues have a reputation for being friendly, so lets keep it that way!

12) If applicable, the umpire’s scoring overrules the scoreboard.

13) Teams must not alter or move equipment to gain an advantage.

14) If a team fails to turn up for a scheduled fixture, they lose the fixture 18-0 and will be charged the full match fee for the missed game. Teams who wish to withdraw from the league need to give two weeks’ notice of their intent to withdraw from the league and are required to pay for and play two full matches prior to withdrawal; failure to adhere to this will result in the team being charged their full two weeks match fees for both missed fixtures.

14a) If there are one or more vacancies in any league a friendly fixture will be arranged for the team(s) who are scheduled to play a ‘Points Match’ for that particular date. Teams are required to attend all scheduled Points Match fixtures, pay their full match fee and play the pre-arranged friendly as normal; the relevant team will then receive an 18-0 win and five points towards the league.

14b) If a team does not wish to play a scheduled friendly then it is the team’s responsibility to notify their area manager 7 days or more in advance or they will be liable for payment of the match fees for that particular week, teams who do not attend points matches will not receive their 18-0 win for that week regardless of whether they have provided 7 days notice.

14c) Please note that the Team Captain is responsible for the conduct of all players and all spectators connected with the team. Failure to control the conduct of players or spectators will result in the Team Captain being responsible for any resulting fines being paid in full.

15) Please note that teams are automatically entered into a new league season unless they provide us with the required two weeks withdrawal notice prior to the end of the season. If a team wishes to withdraw from the league and only notifies us of this at the beginning of the new season then they will be required to play the first two matches of the new season before being able to withdraw, failure to adhere to this will result in the team being charged their match fees for these two fixtures.



What Does Your Entry Fee Cover?

16) The entry fee is a discipline bond and is a one-off fee, covering the cost of administering discipline in the leagues. The entry fee is a non-refundable deposit.

What Does Your Match Fee Cover?

16a) The match fee goes towards the pitch hiring enabling you to participate in the sport itself. When you pay this fee you agree that the majority or full amount of your fee is directly paid, via the organiser acting as the collection officer, for the following:

1 The hire cost of the pitch

2 The cost of the umpire and the match balls which are essential to the playing of the chosen competitive sport.

As our members you agree that when you make these payments you are making a commitment to participate for a minimum of ten consecutive weeks in the league, you automatically become our members along with other players in the league who are also our members, and that as part of our wider club or membership all our members have exclusivity on the pitch we have hired for the duration of hire and that non-members have no right to participate on the pitch during that time.


21) A free pass is taken from the same spot where the rule was broken.

21a) A penalty pass is also taken from the same spot where the rule was broken but the player who broke the rule must beside and away from the player taking the penalty and be out of play until the ball leaves the hands of that person taking the penalty pass.

21b) Whether in possession of the ball or not, a player cannot move into an area of the court that is not designated for their position and if a player does do this, a free pass will be awarded to the opposing team.


22) The first centre pass of the game is decided by a coin toss

22a) A centre pass will start each half or is used to start play after a goal is scored.

22b) The centre pass must be caught inside the centre third

22c) Footwork still applies in the centre circle


23) A player can only attempt to win back the ball when the ball is in the air.

23a) Contact to any player will result in a penalty pass to the opposition 

23b) A player must be 3 feet away while attempting to defend. This is measured from the passing players grounded foot and the nearest foot of the defender. If the defender comes within three feet of the player while they still have the ball, obstruction may occur. 

23c) Obstructing a player will result in a penalty pass to the other team.


24) To make sure the game stays up to pace the three second rule Netball-Leagues adopts the three second rule meaning a player has only three seconds between catching the ball and passing it.


25) The ball must be thrown from a standing up position. A player cannot throw the ball while they are kneeling or on the floor.

25a) The ball cannot be thrown over a complete third of a court (two transverse lines). A free pass will be awarded to the opposing team from the second transverse line. The ball must be handled in each third.


26) A player may not catch the ball, drop the ball and then catch it again. In this instance a free pass is awarded to the other team from that spot.


27) If a player catches the ball with one foot on the ground (the landing foot) or jumps to catch the ball and lands on one foot, the landing foot must not move other than to help pivot. They may step with the other foot. If they lift their landing foot then the ball must be thrown before the foot is re-grounded.

27a) If a player lands with both feet on the ground, simultaneously, they may take a step in any direction with either foot or which ever foot they pivot from then becomes the landing foot. In the same way as before they can step and pivot as many times as they wish but if they lift the landing foot then the ball must be released before being re-grounded.


28) The GS and GA are the only two players able to score for the team and must be fully inside the goal circle.

28a) The GS or GA may not attempt to score from a free pass.

28b) The GS or GA can attempt to score from a penalty pass if it is inside the circle.

28c) A player must not attempt to score if they catch a rebound from a shot on goal if the ball has not touched the post or another player. If this happens a free pass will be awarded to the other team.


29) If there is simultaneous contact for the ball, the umpire will use a toss up to restart the game. The two players must face opposite each other with the umpire in between.

29a) The two players must stand with their arms by their sides until the umpire releases the ball.

30) Players must not lean against the goal posts; this will result in a free pass to the opposition.


31) Teams consist of 7 players- GK, GD, WD, C, WA, GA, GS

32) A player must not wear or use equipment that is dangerous to herself or another player, including any kind of jewellery. Only medical bracelets are permitted, although they must be taped down.

33) Nails must be short. If not, umpires may refuse a player the right to play.

34) Players who are more than 12 weeks pregnant may not take part in any Netball-Leagues sports leagues. Players less than 12 weeks MUST have doctors approval. Netball-Leagues is not liable for any injuries caused.

35) Bibs and balls will be provided where necessary.

36) Appropriate footwear (indoor trainers – not pumps!) must be worn. Appropriate clothing (sports attire only) must be worn.

37) Each match is controlled by two qualified umpires who have full authority to enforce the laws of the game. Their decision is final.

By playing in the league you give Netball Leagues full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help achieve the group’s aims.

This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications.