About Us

About Us

We’ve been running leagues for over 35 years and as we are in association with Leisure Leagues, Europe's biggest provider of small sided football, we know what it takes to run fantastic and fun leagues! We want as many ladies as possible to play netball and here are just some of the reasons, besides our vast experience - and unwavering commitment to service - why you should choose us:

We Encourage ALL Abilities

You don’t have to be an expert to play as we cater for all abilities!

No Affiliation Needed

You don’t need to pay membership or any affiliation fees with All England Netball to play with us.

We Do All The Work

All you need to do is turn and we’ll do the rest.

Great Value For Money

We have the best equipment, the best sports halls and the best umpires all for the best prices.

The Strongest Discipline

If you play with Netball-Leagues you can be certain that you are playing in a league with the strongest discipline in the UK. These are leagues that operate to the highest standards and will remain so.

You Can Play All Year Round!

Unlike other providers, once one season ends, the next starts the following week so you can play all year round. We also secure indoor venues so play is not affected as a result of poor weather.


We offer the highest quality prizes for Winners!