Leisure Leagues FAQ


Would it be possible for me to join if I’ve never played before?
Of course! We always welcome players of all abilities and bet that after a few weeks you will love the sport as much as we do!
Do we have to bring our own bibs and balls?
Yes, a large percentage of players sign up as individuals and we group them with other team members that play at a similar level.
What are the kit regulations?
While some teams prefer wearing kits, they are not a necessity. You can wear whatever sports attire you feel comfortable in. We do however, recommend wearing trainers as opposed to pumps and ask that all players remove all items of jewellery before playing.
How much does it cost to sign up?
At the moment we are running a special promotion so for a limited time only, registration is totally free!
How much does it cost to play?
It costs £5 per player, per game or £35 per team. All games are paid for online prior to match night.
How many players are there in a team?
There are seven players per team. The positions are Goal Keeper, Goal Defence, Wing Defence, Centre, Wing Attack, Goal Attack and Goal Shooter.
What happens if it rains?
Due to all our Netball venues being indoors, adverse weather does not affect play.
I want to play with a few friends but we haven’t got enough people for a full team. Can we still register?
Yes, we can group you upon request and arrange for other members to join your team.
How do the leagues work?
We organise the umpires and the fixtures. All you need to do is turn up! Games are played weekly at the same venue and on the same night each week. You can enter as a full team or sign up as an individual player or small group.
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