December 11th 2020

5 a side netball returns!

Firstly id like to apologise for this weekly write up being so late, its being a very busy week with lots of league returning to action.


An exciting update from Mudeford Community centre - The court will be closed from December 18th over the Christmas period where it will have maintenance work to replace the sand in the base and to try and clear algae build up, with the hope of improving the drainage and general surface condition.

We are here now and I promise next week we will be on time to stop you guys needing to wait so impatiently for it to be uploaded...

let's get into it!


JalapeƱos Hotties will win the first award of the season. These girls have really improved since their first game in the league. The first accomplishment was just getting a regular team and now that has happened, they are really improving week by week. They played very well against a team that would have expected to win to, so a 6-5 defeat would have been a massive result for these girls and a big moral boost to take in the next game. They have also now started to work out their own best positions, which is really starting to help them massively. 


Clare Green - JalapeƱos Hotties - Clare has really hit the ground running for her team and quickly secured her place as the teams goal shooter from her incredibly clinical shooting. Clare will be very important for her team going forward!

Sarah Duddrey - Winging it - Sarah had a great game in the middle of the court, with fitness being on her side. She really made the most of the size of the court getting everywhere for her team and being vital as their energetic centre.

Abigail Darbyshire - Pocket Rockets - Abigail is another centre that really caught the eye of the umpire on Sunday night. She had plenty of energy in what was already a fast paced game, yet again being vital for the teams tradition from attack to defence.

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