February 18th 2024

Redditch Sunday 7 a side news 2024-02-18

The excitement was palpable under the bright lights at the Redditch Sunday Netball league as teams battled it out in the third week of the season. With the League displaying  fierce competition, spectators were treated to an evening of high-quality netball.

The Red Foxes faced a loss against AU Ready For This, with a score of 17-5 with Red Foxes playing to their strengths.

The Red Devils meanwhile, secured an 18-11 victory over the Red Robins.

Jessie's Angels, in their match against the Black Eyed Rebels, proved their worth with a solid 17-10 win. Their well-defined strategies and teamwork were evident throughout the game, allowing them to maintain a healthy lead.

The third week of the Redditch Sunday Netball League saw a showcase of skill, strategy, and camaraderie, setting up an exciting season ahead in the Premier League. Teams are gearing up for the next round, aiming to improve their standings and give their all on the court. With the level of competition on display, we can look forward to more thrilling matches in the weeks to come.

*** Unfortunately, the next 2 weeks have had to be cancelled as the venue will be set up for exams in the hall. We look forward to returning on the 10th March***

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