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Welcome Girls with balls!
Girls with balls are the second team we would like to welcome to our 5 a side netball league that takes place on Sunday evenings at Mudeford wood Community centre.Kathryn King and her team were the second team to sign up to our brand new league and had a great first season finishing as runners up!Sh...
Netball is coming!
As im sure you have all heard, the Premier league along with many other sporting events have been given the green light to resume next month.This can only be seen as positive news for the rest of us waiting impatiently to come out of the Coronavirus lockdown to get back to playing our beloved netbal...
Welcome to Mudeford netball!
Whilst this Covid-19 lockdown stops us from getting our new and extended 5 a side netball season underway, we thought we could spend some time welcoming our teams to our Sunday evening Mudeford Wood Community Centre 5 a side indoor netball league.Shooting stars are the first team we would like to we...
Netball WILL return!
We know you all miss your Sunday evening netball and most importantly the motivation and positive mindset it brings from being out socialising and exercising on Sunday evening instead of being sat on the sofa watching TV, so why not make the most of the new government guidelines and exercise on Sund...
Stay home and stay safe!
First and foremost - we hope all of our players are well and looking after themselves and their loved ones! Covid-19 has quickly turned 2020 into a very difficult year, but the sooner we all stay indoors and isolate ourselves, the faster we can recover as a country.We are very much looking forward t...
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