February 26th 2024

Walsall Monday Night Netball - Week 11

The Walsall Monday 7-a-side Netball league's 11th week saw some intense action, with teams in the League battling it out for supremacy on the court. With both the competitive spirit and sportsmanship on the rise, the week was nothing short of thrilling for all netball enthusiasts.

In the League, Netballerz dominated the court, trouncing Bibs And Balls with a whopping 30-5. The team showcased excellent teamwork and precision, proving why they stand as a formidable force in the division.

Meanwhile, Sweaty Betty`s squeezed past Hoops I Did It Again with a tight 16-14 victory, in what was probably the most nail-biting game of the week. Both teams displayed exceptional skill and determination, making it a hard-fought match till the last whistle.

In another League match, Have A Shot outpaced Cheslyn Hay Presto, securing a solid 21-12 win. The game witnessed some top-notch netball, with Have A Shot's excellent defending and sharpshooting.

Cheslyn Shooters managed to get the better of Cheslyn Chicas with a decisive 17-6 victory. They demonstrated superior control and strategy, emerging as one of the teams to watch out for in the coming weeks.

The week's standout player, without a doubt, was Emily Hibell from Hoops I Did It Again. She exhibited stellar performance throughout the week, earning her the rightful title of the Most Valued Player. Her skill, agility, and leadership on the court were exemplary, making her a player to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

I would also like to point out something that is probably obvious to us all but easy to loose sight of when your in the midst of play, the umpires give decisions based on what they see, even if you feel that decision is wrong it is unacceptable to show any attitude towards them an it will simply not be tolerated. Remeber the umpires decision is final. 

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