June 18th 2024

Walsall Monday Night Netball - Week 10

In the 10th week of Walsall Monday, Netball league, teams battled it out in the League, showcasing thrilling performances.

In one of the most anticipated clashes, Hoops I Did It Again came out on top against Bibs And Balls, scoring a victory with a final score of 12-6.
The Sweaty Betty's played against Cheslyn Chicas. They earned a victory with an impressive score of 16-2.

Netballerz emerged victorious against Cheslyn Hay Presto, scoring a remarkable 32-12 win. The team's commendable team-play and strategic movements on the court were the highlights of the encounter.

The closest match of the week was between Cheslyn Shooters and Have A Shot, with a nail-biting finish of 11-10 in favor of Cheslyn Shooters. The game showcased the competitive spirit of the league and the balanced skills of both the teams.

The most valued player of the week, Amy Withers, was a standout performer for Cheslyn Shooters. Her outstanding agility and precision on the court contributed significantly to her team's narrow win, earning her this much-deserved recognition.

As we approach the closing stages of the season, the League division of Walsall Monday promises more exciting and competitive matchups.

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