March 4th 2024

Walsall Monday Night Netball League - Week 12

The Cheslyn Hay Presto team emerged triumphant over the Cheslyn Chicas, securing a win with a score of 15-9 . The spirited Netballerz team also claimed a victory,with a win of 17-8. The much-anticipated face-off between Hoops I Did It Again and Cheslyn Shooters ended in a thrilling deadlock, with both teams scoring 19 points each. In another gripping match, Sweaty Betty's clinched a win against Bibs And Balls, ending the face-off with a score of 15-9.

The true star of this week's games, and rightfully named the Most Valued Player was Jodie Bird from team Have A Shot. Despite her team's loss, Bird demonstrated exceptional performance and commitment, proving that individual brilliance shines through even in the face of team setbacks.

With only two weeks left in the current season, tensions and excitement are running high. Every match counts now more than ever, and every team is vying to secure their place for the next season. Teams are training harder, strategies are being reworked, and players are giving their all to make these last games count.

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