March 19th 2024

Walsall Monday Night Netball - End of Season

Congratulations to NetBallerz on wining the Season, and to Emma Parry  from Cheslyn Hay Presto for winning most voted player of the season. 

The final week of the season, Week 14, was a hotly contested affair. The League witnessed some intense competition. Cheslyn Hay Presto fought valiantly against Hoops I Did It Again, but eventually fell short with a final score of 10–14. Cheslyn Shooters were unable to keep pace with Sweaty Betty's, who emerged victorious with a score of 16–5.

In another thrilling match, Bibs And Balls narrowly defeated Have A Shot with a score of 8-6. Despite the high-quality play from all teams, it was Netballerz who stole the show with a commanding 19-5 victory over Cheslyn Chicas, solidifying their top spot in the League.

A special mention goes to Kate Willis from Cheslyn Hay Presto, who was named the most valued player of the week. Willis showcased exceptional skill and sportsmanship throughout the week, becoming an integral part of Cheslyn Hay Presto's campaign.

The Walsall Monday Netball league has once again proven to be a remarkable showcase of local talent and sportsmanship. The excitement and intensity of the matches have kept fans on their toes throughout the season. As we wrap up this season, we congratulate team Netballerz for their outstanding performance and look forward to seeing all the teams back in action for the next season.

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