November 14th 2023

Warwick Monday Night Netball - Week 7

In a gripping week 7 of the Warwick Monday Night Netball league, the night witnessed some nail-biting results with every goal and every pass making all the difference.

The night saw a thrilling match between Hands On The Ball! and Shooting Stars, with Hands On The Ball! clinching a victory with a score line of 18-17. The Warwick Monday night saw another thrilling clash between Netball And Chill and The A-Team, with the latter taking the win with an 14-7 win.  The evening's excitement did not end there. Hoops I Did It Again faced off against Warwick Foxes in a challenging encounter, with Hoops I Did It Again managing a narrow 12-10 victory. 

The Warwick Monday Night Netball league has been filled with high-octane action, and this week was no exception. With each passing week,  teams gearing up for the next round, and we can only expect more netball action as we move through the season.

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