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Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on the fact that we do all the organising for you. Whilst we hope everything runs like clockwork all season here are some answers to other questions we occasionally receive.


Q: What if we are scheduled to play a Points Match on the fixtures?

A: A Points Match, or space in the league usually occurs when we have to remove a team, usually because they may have a poor disciplinary record. In this instance, while we are waiting for a new team to join in that space, you will be required to turn up and play opponents that we arrange for you. You should turn up at your normal time on the fixtures. If you turn up and play the Points Match then you will receive a 5-0 win. If you do not turn up for the match then you will have a 18-0 loss recorded against your team. You will also be liable to pay the match fee the following week for that game, i.e. two match fees.


Q: What if we cannot fulfil a fixture because we are on holiday?

A: Between July and September we appreciate that many teams go on holiday. On this basis if you give us one weeks notice then we can usually help you. We look at each circumstance individually. If you cancel a match, you will be liable to pay the full match fee and you will also lose the game you have cancelled. You may also be removed from the league. It is always better to contact our office and to speak to your League Manager if you have a problem fulfilling a fixture.


Q: Do we have to bring are own bibs and balls?

A: No you don't. We supply all equipment; all you need to do is bring your team!


Q: What do I wear?

A: While some teams prefer wearing kits, they are not a necessity. You can wear whatever sports attire you feel comfortable in. We do however, recommend wearing trainers as opposed to pumps and ask that all players remove all items of jewellery before playing.


Q: What if we want to complain?  

A: We take complaints very seriously. If you click here, there are details of how you can complain. You will also receive a personal response from a senior manager should you have anything that you are unhappy about.


Q: What if, in the most unlikely event, you do not return our calls or emails?

A: This is very discourteous. We aim to respond to all telephone calls and emails within one working day. If, however, in the unlikely event you do not receive a response, you should call 0333 123 2340 and someone will help you.  


Q: What if a match is cancelled by Netball-Leagues, for weather reasons for instance?

A: If you do not have a game when you are scheduled to on your fixtures then one of our managers will always call you and explain what the position is.


Q: If we don’t get a game one week, what will happen? 

A: This is rare but if it does happen then your League Manager will call you the day after the league takes place and the position will be explained to you along with an apology.


Q: What if I want to talk to someone about the league?

A: Unlike other providers, our League Managers have very strong commination with our teams. Each league is run by a different League Manager in our office who is dedicated to delivering the highest possible service to that particular league. We always encourage teams to talk to our office should they have queries or problems. Please contact your League Manager on 0333 123 2340 and they will be happy to help you should you have any problems.


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